RareKind - Mind The Gap

The RareKind graffiti gallery / shop in Brighton have been getting busy this month. The 3 story hip hop emporium is already well known for its unique range of graffiti canvasses, clothing, books, music; but now the interior of the shop has been transformed since they acquired a beautiful set of reclaimed Northern Line tube doors, now installed in the gallery as a permanent fixture.

Graffiti artist and owner of the RareKind gallery David Samuel has, understandably had a long running obsession with all things ‘underground’. Always on the lookout for something new and innovative to set RareKind apart from the competition David relished the opportunity to introduce the pieces into the interior of the shop and has gone back to his roots by piecing the doors himself.

“We don’t just have the double doors”, says David, “We were also lucky enough to get hold of one of the carriage dividing doors, as well as some of the old hand rails and some windows. All of which will ultimately get battered with graffiti of course! I have been trying to track them down for months, and having them installed in the shop is amazing. We have so much going on in the gallery including an in-store with Dubbledge to promote his new album Richest Man in Babylon on the 8th November and a RareKind 10 year anniversary Task Force jam in December, I wanted the place looking fresh”.

With a massive range of ‘gift-worthy’ products also now in store and Christmas coming up, the newly designed RareKind Gallery promises to be a massive draw for shoppers and graffiti fans alike.

RareKind - Mind The Gap

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