Reality, Fantasy, And The Web A Solo Exhibition From Mode 2

Widely considered to be one of the most influential street artists ever, Mode 2 continues to push eroticism in his gallery work, often quite explicitly, while trying to keep men and women engaged in an egalitarian dialogue about sexuality.

Capturing movement and energy, freezing the action at its most crucial stage, Mode’s work has always focused on issues close to him: love, lust, relationships, hip hop culture in all its aspects, clubbing, hanging out, the environment and motherhood.

Constructed and created entirely on-site in the Newcastle gallery basement, Mode has utilised the practical and modular qualities of cardboard, building up his painting surfaces with a patchwork mosaic assembly of differing textures and shades, cutting and juxtaposing well over 100 separate pieces into compositions until they found a particular harmony in his eye. Only after completing this laborious task did he move on to the actual sketching and painting with pastels and acrylic itself.

Besides these new paintings, there's the added bonus of the ground floor of the gallery showing a selection of his sketches something of a first for Mode as he's never before allowed us to look behind his more public painting work.

21st August – 10th October 2009

Lazarides 77 Quayside | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE1 3DE | +44(0)191 221 2560

Reality, Fantasy, And The Web A Solo Exhibition From Mode 2

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