Fresh Styles Film festival in association with Breakin’ Convention presents RIZE Film screening and Q&A with Miss Prissy. Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday) is the official Breakin’ Convention Krump Day. Krump is the dance phenomenon hailing from the streets of Los Angeles which is now featuring in pop videos and dance routines around the world.

But what is KRUMP? Everyone talks about it, but how many of us really know how to dance it properly?

David Lachappelle‘s highly acclaimed documentary, Rize follows the evolution of Krump, the groundbreaking dance phenomenon to come out of the streets of Los Angeles. With footage first seen in the Clowns in the Hood documentary shown on Channel 4, this feature length film charts the development of the dance style, which was unwittingly started by Tommy the Clown (seen in the UK at Breakin’ Convention 2004) – a children’s entertainer.

By launching his own Hip Hop dance Academy Tommy, who is acknowledged as an originator of the style, offered young people an alternative to gangs and crime. Through dance they have found another way to express themselves; painting their faces and entertaining at children’s parties. Tommy had a huge impact on the local community and many rival groups were established.

With each group developing their own aesthetic and style, the dancing also took on a new life, developing into what is now widely regarded as Krump – frantic, aggressive dance moves often performed in mock battle.  This is a stunning movie which is not only beautifully filmed in a way you’d expect from someone usually associated with fashion photography, but it also takes a deeper more poignant look at the society and cultural parallels which have caused and influenced this dance phenomenon.

The screening of Rize is followed by a one-off Q&A with Miss Prissy.

Monday 1 May (Bank Holiday)
Studio Theatre, Sadler’s Wells
Tickets: £6.50

Fresh Styles is the UK’s first ever film festival devoted to hip hop culture. Fresh Styles is committed to showing the best features, documentaries, shorts and music videos on this hip hop planet. It is an organisation that promotes access to cinema for marginalised filmmakers and audiences and also aims to open up the amazing vibrancy of hip hop culture to a non-hip hop audience. They are touring the UK with a selection of films during 2006 before the main festival event in Brighton in November. For more information, or to sign up for updates, please visit www.bhhf.org/freshstyles

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