Roxe Jam Cardiff 2010

The Roxe Foundation is a voluntary community organisation which was established in memory of the inspiring young graffiti artist, Bill Lockwood; AKA, Roxe. Since his death the foundation has worked very hard to support young graffiti artists and to promote the art-form as a positive contribution to the cityscape of Cardiff.

For the last three years the foundation has organised the ‘Roxe Jam’ event in Sevenoak’s park, one of the largest public parks in the city. The Jam is a free event that is open to established and upcoming graffiti artists to collaborate on a 340m long mural at the largest legal graffiti event in the country. The Jam has become a platform for local talent as well as including the wider community to come and celebrate a weekend of Art, Music and Dance.

Great support and interest has been shown by the public and media but getting the funding to put on these public events is always going to be an issue. Friends and members of the Roxe foundation are determined to see this summer Jam continue and improve into the future and are busy fund-raising and seeking sponsorship for this unique event planned for August 2010.

Date: 21st August
Location: Severn Oaks park, Grangetown, Cardiff


Roxe Jam - Graff

Roxe Jam - Graff

Roxe Jam - Jukebox Juniors

Roxe Jam

Roxe Jam - Tattoo

Roxe Jam - Young Graff

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