Salt N Pepa: Push It - 1Xtra Documentary - TX: 23/01/08

Salt-N-Pepa were the first ladies of rap – foxy females from New York City who stood loud and proud and proved that whatever the boys could do, girls could do too. Long before another set of Spice Girls dreamt up the idea of ‘Girl Power’, Salt-N-Pepa were an inspiration to women worldwide. They had attitude.

They were balsy, brash but undeniably feminine and they burst out of NYC in 1985 with a bang. In ‘Salt-N-Pepa: Push It’, the girls, who are now enjoying a revival thanks to a reality TV show on VH1 in the United States, talk at length about their inspiration, life and legacy.

Producer Chris Green says: “Who can forget hits like Let’s Talk About Sex and Push It!? The impact these girls made on the music scene at the time was huge and their legacy lives on today. They weren’t frightened to tackle taboos like safe sex, HIV and racism – and one of the highlights of their career came with their tremendous performance at the Free Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley Stadium in June 1988”.

Presented by MistaJam, the documentary will include interviews with the legendary DJ Spinderella as well as Cheryl James – ‘Salt’ – and Sandy Denton – ‘Pepa’. Also giving us their verdict on Salt-N-Pepa is Trevor Nelson, Omar, Jill Scott and Ciara.

Presenter: MistaJam
Producers: Chris Green / Paul Turley
Production Company: Made in Manchester Productions

Salt N Pepa: Push It

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