Shaanti @ The Factory

Not content with retaining the status quo, Shaanti look set to push musical boundaries further a-field. Birmingham, prepare yourself for an onslaught of sound unlike any other as Invasion including Asian Dub Foundation’s Spek, DJ/MC Vader feat. Rocky on drums, and Radio 1s Bobby Friction, unleash chaos in a unique spectacle of musical and visual mayhem at The Factory (The Medicine Bar) on Friday 24th November.

Invasion is the eagerly anticipated appearance of MC Spek, last seen performing with the highly respected Asian Dub Foundation. Spek and his sidekick DJ/Mc Vader are the founding members of Invasion feat. Rocky on drums conjure up, another hypnotic rendition of distorted beats with layers of noise beneath. With schizophrenic snare lines and beats among a new set of sounds and lyrics, over the typical vocal drum scotch is what to expect from this new radical group. Hailing from the big smoke and beyond, watch out for this new force.

Electronica; Fusion, Experimental, Downbeat. Broken Beat. Avant Hip-Hop. Break Beat Indi, Bhangra, Desi Beats, Bollywood (deep breath) These are some of the terms you might find to fit the music of Bobby Friction into a neat little box. The sense of Friction’s personal evolution comes across with securing not only one, but two radio show’s on Radio 1 and the BBC Asian Network.

A DJ since the late 90s who has clocked up sets from India to Hounslow and had a hand in nearly all aspects of the dance music business. Immortalized with his own DJ sets, feted by the Desi – Beats cognoscenti, Bobby Friction is the man who turned the humble record deck into an artistic stage rammed full with drama and mind- tingling beats. He’s the decknician with magic in his fingers. Today he takes his sets and over 9 years of experience to crowds worldwide via his radio show’s, TV appearances or DJ sets. He’s a regular at the nations super clubs and is becoming a mainstay on the international circuit, taking in all the top clubs across the globe. They will be also joined by Manga from Galaxy, Rich Reason and Ravaliya while Mystro from Galaxy, Parm Panesar, Hanz and Immature plus guests will be setting up base in Room 2.

Shaanti presents Invasion feat. Asian Dub Foundation’s Spek, DJ/MC Vader and Rocky (Drums), Radio 1s Bobby Friction, Manga from Galaxy, Rich Reason, Ravaliya, Mystro from Galaxy, Parm Panesar, Hanz Immature and special guests at The Factory (The Medicine Bar) on Friday 24th November.

Shaanti @ The Factory

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