Soom T

Soom T guests on one track entitled "Mastaplan" on the Puppetmastaz new album entitled "Creature Shock Radio". Never has Soom felt more at home than when collaborating with a bunch of mildly perverted puppets. Hear the track & buy it now at the Puppetmastaz website & on itunes. Released on German imprint Louisville Records.

Soom T’s guest appearances continue with her appearance on Rufus G Poindexter‘s cover of The Passion’s "I’m in Love With a German Film Star", which has been receiving some attention recently after some plays on BBC Radio 1. Hear it now on Poindexter’s myspace & expect a release date soon…

You can also hear some tracks from Soom’s back catalogue now at her myspace, including the Monkeytribe cover of "Hits from the Bong"…

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