Speakers Corner Demise

Yeah, that is right, the untimely demise of the legendary Speakers Corner night is real as it is set to come to an end. The night which showcased so many homegrown acts may be coming to an end but they don't stop, and so Snuff is working hard right now and we can bring you details of a few upcoming projects that are already arranged to take place…

End Of the Weak UK will be starting monthly at 93FeetEast from Feb08… The night will have PAs, Open Mic (No Weak MCs allowed), The MC Challenge, The Quartet (House Band), Host: Stig of the Dump (World EOW champ) DJs Snuff, Jazz T, Keith Lawrence + Guest… New website coming shortly with national features www.endoftheweak.com

So far ther has been interest in entering the EOW MC Challenge from: Conflix (cc militia), Skirmish (rhyme asylum), Keezerman (a.m.m.o), Riz MC (battlescars champ & film star) + more.

The night will also be hosting the international final at the end of '08 with champions from Germany, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Brazil & the UK.

DJ Snuff will be DJing a UK Hip Hop show for EOW radio as part of their international show based in NYC and online… Weekly, that is indeed a good look.

The worlds largest cypher is set up to take place, which Snuff is again organising now with the international EOW community… 50 MCs from each nation's EOW will take part in the first ever global cypher, broadcast online and acknowledged by the Guiness book of records.

  • EOW are going to be taking a full UK line up to NYC during the course of 08.
  • EOW is going to be set up in Dublin.
  • An Irish Hip Hip special for London on Saint Patricks day 08.

The Speakers Corner Crew Will also be running a EOW Poetry Slam and a EOW Comedy Slam. And as if that wasn't enough to be keeping them busy…

Speakers Corner will still be happening… only it will be taken out of the club enviroment into a family friendly community based enviroment… The idea is that it will be taken back to its roots as a conscious lyricist event that tackles global & local issues… EOW UK is gonna deal more directly with the Hip Hop where Speakers is gonna be much more broad Lyrically, Singers, MCs, Poets, Community Leaders & Speakers etc…

There is also set to be several DJ + MC host style events kicking off in the new year. As well there should also be some straight up kick back night out ish with the funk hip hop & reggae and blessed energies.

Speakers Corner

Then there is Jazz fusion… The blueprint for this night is primarily dealing with live music. The Speakers Corner quartet is turning into a BIG BAND. They will have: drums, cello, double-bass, bass, 2 x guitar, flute, 2 x violin, sax, trumpet, trombone, harp, piano, steel-drum, turntables, vocalist & more. This Jazz Jam will be hosted monthly and sounds awesome.

Not to mention a Speakers Corner LP Compilation, DVD & Book due to drop in 2008. Plus most audio & video from the last three years will be made availble for free download online.

The Speakers Corner Crew will also be representing at many festivals in the coming year. They will be running stages, i.e. They have got the Hip Hop stage at Drop Beats Not Bombs (Birmingham) every year. The next one is soon (Nov 10th with Mystro, Chain of Command, Doubledge, IRS, Rhyme Asylum, First & Last, Kingpin, Elite Team, Kraftsmen, Sonny Jim & Kosyne, Jazz T & Snuff). They are also looking at jumping up at Glastonbury, Hip Hop Kemp and too many other to mention.

Another event in the pipeline is Character Assassins (Based on the mix-cd series). This will be hosted by producers who will be showcasing beats during an open mic session. Apparently the heavy line up of featured producers on rotation may include: Chemo, Beat Butcha, LG, Apatight, Last Skeptik, IQ and Diversion Tactics among others.

So really the future is bright for the Speakers / EOW fam… But, there is only two more Speakers Corner events as you have come to know it so come support the cause…. You can see the line up for Nov 1st already… Decemebers gonna be a BURIAL….

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