Spotify Has Been Criticised For Its Drill Music Chart

The headline states, “A murderer, a rapist and a torturer… at the top of Spotify‘s drill rap playlist, a genre of music that the piece links with gang crime.¬†At least one third of the top 30 artists on the list this week had convictions for violent criminal offences.

Conservative party MP Tim Loughton, from the Home Affairs Select Committee, said, “It is incredible when social-media platforms are quite rightly coming under intense criticism for hosting violent, extremist and hate-filled material that a leading music streamer is promoting and profiting from rap music which is flagrantly glorifying violence“.

Anti-violence campaigners have also accused Spotify of profiting from gang violence.

However this is yet again an example of a privileged class trying to discriminate against a section of society with very little representation. We have had all this before with Gangsta Rap and it is a shame that these white males cannot distinguish between art and reality.

When they come across something that they do not understand their first option is to try and ban it, rather than work with the protagonists to understand and move forward.

We would not expect anything less from the Mail newspaper. It should also be pointed out that having a criminal record is not something that should preclude an artist from making music and being able to share it.

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