Still Diggin Release Temple Of Breaks Volume 1

Still Diggin is run by Jay Large who in the mid 1990’s created a network for underground rappers and DJ’s throughout Europe to sell and distribute their releases on his "Underground Street Tapes" label. Now he has emerged with the same focus and beliefs as he did back then. At the end of April Still Diggin will proudly release the "Temple Of Breaks – Volume 1" compilation.

Temple Of Breaks – Volume 1 is a collection of Scottish Hip Hop producers who have collaborated for an album of exclusive never heard before instrumental tracks. Still Diggin feel they have gathered the cream of the crop in Scotland’s Hip Hop production field and put together what promises to be a mastersclass of beats.

This is purported to be the first album of its kind from a Scottish label which has enlisted the talents of both established and upcoming beatmakers. Whenever people talk about Scotland and its thriving music scene they rarely talk about its place in the UK Hip Hop culture, it is yet to stand tall and speak volumes! This album puts more credibility into what Scotland has on offer when it comes to making and producing Hip Hop music.

In total there is 18 fat instrumentals / exclusive tracks from the likes of: Mista Bohze, Supa, Dema, Mac, Noize Creator Epik, Bankrupt Europeans, Kontempt, Big Div, Whys, MR Copy, Del, Hudson Mohawke, OJ Loopz, Koncrete Beats, Mixmasters Of Kung Fu, Ekizel, S-Type and DJ Krash Slaughta.

Expect a follow up album from Still Diggin later in the year showcasing an array of international production talent.

Still Diggin Release Temple Of Breaks Volume 1

01. War Stars – Produced by Noize Creator Epik
02. Flatline – Produced by S-Type
03. Life And Breath – Produced by Big Div
04. Life Is Short – Produced by Ekizel
05. Viynl Slobs – Produced by Bankrupt Europeans
06. Be Quiet – Produced by Kon-Tempt
07. Non Bogus (The Head Nod) – Produced by Del aka Soul Condor
08. Pyrophonics – Produced by OJ Loopz
09. Repercussions – Produced by Freakmenoovers
10. Keep Your Eyes On Him – Produced by Mac
11. Ain’t Scared Of Death – Produced by Mixmasters Of Kung Fu
12. Ain’t That The Way It Goes – Produced by Koncrete Beatz
13. The Lo Fidelity Sub Plot – Produced by Mistah Bohze
14. Adios Señor – Produced by Supasleuth
15. UFO – Produced by Whys
16. Trade Off – Produced by Hudson Mohawke
17. Trench – Produced by Mr Copy
18. Mistakes – Produced by Capital 1212
19. Always Up To You – Produced by DJG
20. Swords Of Justice – Produced by Krash Slaughta

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