The Godfather Of Graffiti - Seen Returns To The UK

The Bronx Bomber, the Godfher of Grafitti, SEEN returns to London this week, for this his second solo show titled 'Sign Of The Times' at the Stolen Space Gallery. This show will consist of new canvas works, found or stolen NYC objects, releif pieces, city signs & subway maps. The show opens to the public on Friday the 26th October and runs until the 18th of November.

A stranger to the world of street art might wonder why quite such a fuss is made of an exhibition by 46 year old Richard Mirando. The reason is simple: he is the man who invented modern graffiti. Every tag you see, every stencil, each and every example of an individual mark among the increasing weight of advertising slogans and institutional instructions that are a fact of urban life is, in part, an homage to Richard Mirando, or as he is otherwise known 'Seen'.

It is reported that at one point in eighties in New York there were more pieces by Seen than billboards. Where others tagged on the subway and ran, Seen and his crew – United Artists – painted whole cars. After featuring in the documentary 'Style Wars' it also circumnavigated the globe, inspiring countless others. His influence on graffiti is without precedent.


'Sign Of The Times' includes new works on canvas, found or stolen NYC objects, relief pieces, city signs and skateboard decks. Seen shines a revealing light on the dreams and myths that animate contemporary American art and culture. This eye-catching and provocative exhibition re-iterates his position as the leading proponent of the long-controversial hybrid of art and vandalism, while proving involving and surprisingly fresh.

We have seen some of his new work and some of it is very impressive and indeed displays why he is the most saught after artist, and the artist to whom every writer pays homage. A few of the new peices lack some feeling and seem a touch bland, but some of the multi canvas peices and subway maps are tremendous. Make sure you get down there and battle your way past the admiring fans and city boys opening their wallets and view some great works.

Dray Walk
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL


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