Tim Westwood Soundboard

The Big Dawg knows a good thing when he sees it. He has been around for years and is always at the forefront of what is going on. Known for unearthing loads of talent and relentlessly bringing the freshest music to the masses every week on his massive radio show. In fact it could be the biggest in the world and that would make Tim Westwood the biggest and most influential DJ in the Hip Hop world.

Anyway, we just noticed that he has dropped a link on his BBC website back to us here at britishhiphop.co.uk and we have to give him the utmost propers for the recognition of the work we are doing here. In return we draw your attention to his hilarious Soundboard in which you can play his most famous catchphrases at the click of a button and could recreate your own Westwood show!

Give it a go…

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