The Frisson Gallery can proudly present paintings from Toby Hunt, in their upcoming exhibition. Due to commence on the 11th of August; the exhibition will include some of Hunt’s finest work.

Hunt is a local artist and is renowned for his figurative work. Using an explosive colour palette of oil paints, his work studies intensely, the expressions conveyed particularly in facial movement.

Hunt’s resume bristles with previous exhibitions (both solo and as part of an ensemble) and this time he is guaranteed to perform with excellence yet again. He has exhibited continuously from 1997, ranging from local galleries, to prestigious London Galleries, such as the National Portrait Gallery. He has even won the Daley Rowney Front Page Award in 2001.

The work of Hunt is greatly influenced by German styles and artists, for example Daniel Richter. However his work also holds a strong resemblance to the styles of Lucien Freud. His use of oil paints is unique, with colourful, thick, meaty textures the emotions and characters of his paintings come alive on the canvas.

The Frisson Gallery’s exhibitions and gallery is free and open to the public to view, the building is also accessible by wheelchair. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday 10:00am till 18:00pm and Sundays 11:30am till 17:00pm. The exhibition dates are: 11th August to the 2nd September.

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