UK Beatbox Championships 2006

Beatboxing is one of the few Hip Hop elements that is still relatively untapped by the mainstream, but things may be changing as this elements popularity rises. Seeing people like Kela or Rahzel can blow you away. Dates for the first four heats of the 2006 UK Beatbox Championships have been announced:

  • 08-Feb-06: NORTH EAST HEAT @ Stereo, Sandgate, Newcastle, NE1 2NG
  • 14-Feb-06: NORTHERN HEAT @ Wardrobe, St Peters Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH
  • 16-Feb-06: EASTERN HEAT @ Junction, Clifton Rd, Cambridge, CB1 7GX
  • 17-Feb-06: MIDLANDS HEAT @ Rescue Rooms, Goldsmith St, Nottingham, NG1 5JT

Faith SFX (C) Mark Splinter Splinterproducts.comEight human beatboxers will be chosen for each heat from the many demos submitted to the HUMANBEATBOX.COM team. Each group of eight contenders will battle it out to win a place at the UK Finals in London in July, and in turn to represent the UK at the World Championships in Germany this Autumn. Regional champions with also win prizes from clothing label THTC.

These are the first four of eight heats, the rest of which will take place later in the year.

Human beatboxing, the art of replicating entire songs using nothing but the vocal chords, is the fastest growing trend in youth culture since hip hop began. The 2006 UK Championships will consist of heated 1-on-1 8-mile style knock-out battles, where the contenders will have to win the crowd’s support to knock out their opponent in 3 intense rounds. Beatboxing is astonishing for all onlookers, and this is the only national competition in this field.

The 2005 UK champion, Faith SFX, went on to represent the UK at the World Championships in Berlin. He also benefited from a large profile boost including an appearance on the Paul O’Grady show and a deal with the UK’s only beatbox-specific artist agency

There will be 2 world respected pro-beatboxers at each heat to act as judges. Some of the judges include TyTe, Shlomo and WanDan.

TyTe is the world’s only beatboxing reverend, and owner of the World’s largest beatbox portal HUMANBEATBOX.COM. He has been beatboxing since 1978 and is internationally respected for his work, including providing the first and most comprehensive beatbox tutorials available.

Tyte (C) Mark Splinter

Shlomo is the Bjork-collaborating beatboxer who shot to fame after appearing on the BBC’s ‘Later With Jools Holland’. His work with Bjork was nominated for a Grammy after its performance at the Athens Olympics opening ceremony, broadcasting Shlomo’s beats to over 4.5 billion viewers.

Shlomo (C) Gwen Jones

WanDan is a board member of HUMANBEATBOX.COM who gained international status after featuring at the 2004 World Beatbox Convention in NYC. He is well known in the beatbox scene for his work with DJ TigerStyle, Lazy Habits and The Disablists.

Big Taj (C) Gwen Jones

For more info or to enter the heats see:

Simon Kahn
tel: 0845 4049 535
fax: 0709 2840 228

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