Universal Indie Releases Cartel's Sophomore Album

Following the successful debut of last year's digital-only LP, "Prepare For Glory", underground hip hop producer Cartel, releases his follow-up album, "Tha Throwback", as a free download on Universal Indie Records.

Tha Throwback is produced entirely by Cartel and features some of the most promising, upcoming MC's in the game right now. "I've named it Tha Throwback because it's a throwback to when hip hop artists actually cared about lyrical content", states Cartel. "Those who enjoyed the first album can expect to hear a tremendous growth in the production of this album. I'm not interested in following todays production trends, but I have stepped up my beat game since the release of the first album".

As with the first LP, Tha Throwback is offered as a free download but with a twist. The 12 track album is available as a free download and an enhanced version of the album containing 2 accapellas and a video is also available for US$5.00. Those who purchase the enhanced version will be eligible to enter the "Tha Throwback Remix Contest" in which the winner will be awarded US$200 for producing a track on an upcoming Universal Indie project.

Contest details are posted at:

All versions of Tha Throwback come with a PDF digital art, come as DRM free 320kbps mp3 files, and there is a virtual cd booklet which can be viewed at the website.

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