Big Teeth

Urban Poets represent a flavoursome blend of conscious lyrics and funky rhythms, arranged strategically across the backdrop of slamming beats. The precise production skills of Dimension Productions alongside Big Teeth create a truly original sound. This sound in turn creates an environment conducive to the laying down of The Urban Poets’ sublime lyrical format.

The Album ‘MCs From Another Dimension’ has an anticipated arrival in our dimension late summer 2006; it features the above mentioned production plus the vocal smoothness, agility and clarity of MC Appo, Black Milk’s Brave One and DJ, Producer and Vocalist Dimension. In the meantime we sample the flavour and a taste of the future with the release of the single ‘MCs From Another Dimension’.

Urban Poets take nothing away from the sound of true British Hip Hop, yet they feel absolutely no compulsion to conform to any of the known stereotypes. Each member of the collaboration is in their own right a veteran of the scene having been involved in numerous projects over a number of years; in view of this, their sounds transcend the boundaries of the chronological continuum.

The single, released on 26th June 2006 and the following Album will be released on Big Teeth Recordings; open your mind and prepare for something eternally fresh.

Urban Poets

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