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Big things are happening for 10Shott and not just on our small island. He's been playing gigs all over the Roman empire… I mean places like Egypt and Latvia (where he's about to hit the charts with Latvian heartthrob and new ZY Record signing Elli U with their track 'Like a Disease').

I've heard his long awaited, soon-to-arrive CD 'The Bigg Hitter' mixtape and it's nothing but pure bigness from start to finish – check me out for a review of that soon. I've also heard the excellent album 'Ground Breaker…A  Di Real', trust me it lives up to its name. It's the best album I've heard this year and is easily as innovative as albums such as 'Upwards' by Ty and 'The Unknown' by Mark B & Blade.

10Shott has already released two singles from the album – 'Memory Blank' and 'Tin Soldiers', both of which can be downloaded on itunes now (click the song names). These are both powerful tracks that display 10Shott's versatility as a lyricist and also his genius as a producer (working with Creative Productions and ZY Records).

Now you can have a helping hand in his inevitable success: Text '571' to '81700' on your mobile to get the 'Tin Soldiers' video (which can be seen here) on heavy rotation on Channel U. Looking at the current top videos on there it's clear that this track deserves to be in the top 5, if not at the number 1 spot (where I'd put it). 'Tin Soldiers' has already recieved support from politicians Tony Benn and George Galloway so powerful is its message.

So text '571' to '81700' now!

By: Aidan Severs |

Vote For 10Shott On Channel U

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