Vote For Kinetik To Win The MTV Brand New For 2012 Competition

I have some really exciting news for you all! I recently got the word that MTV have selected Kinetik‘s Sol Brova produced track, Flying High, as part of their Brand New For 2012 competition! This is a really big opportunity for Kinetik and all the other artists involved, as the winner will see a video commissioned and aired on MTV!

As with all competitions that rely on public opinion, votes are what count, so it’s down you to prove why Flying High is the best song to take the MTV Brand New For 2012 crown. In order to support this campaign, Kinetik put together an exclusive music video in conjunction with The Word Is Bond, to give you some insight into how my warped mind works. You can watch the video below and please leave a comment and vote as well!

Click to vote for Flying High in the MTV Brand New For 2012 competition.

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