Want Respect? And Si Begg
Want Respect? Use a Condom is offering one lucky winner the chance to work with Europe’s super DJ and music producer Si Begg. The winner will be treated to an experience of a life time spending, a day in the studio remixing tracks with Si; as well as creating a tune themselves!

Si Begg is the producer behind the music video on Want Respect? Use a Condom MySpace page. Begg has been a solo artist recording professionally since 1993 and has gained experience through engineering live sound and studio engineering. He also runs two record labels.

This is a chance for you to get your creative juices flowing as Si follows an 'anything goes' approach to music making. For your chance to win a spectacular day in the studio with him visit www.myspace/wantrespect.

Want Respect? And Si BeggYou can also check out the results of their recent research into the sexual habits of teens across the UK. The report revealed that drink, drugs and late nights are among the top five reasons why they are not using condoms.

For more information on condoms, sexual health, how to protect yourself from STIs and to find your nearest GUM Clinic log onto: www.condomessentialwear.co.uk or call the free and confidential Sexual Health helpline 0800 567 123. Textphone (for people with hearing difficulties) 0800 521 361.

By: Jemma Capleton

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