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Wytfang - Beat Suite Version 1.2 (1999-2000) CD [Filthy Habits]
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Wednesday, 21 June 2006
Wytfang - Beat Suite Version 1.2 (1999-2000) CD [Filthy Habits]This is the Second Instalment in the Beat Suite series from the Underground Alliance producer Wytfang. Again it features more of Wytfang’s stuff from 1999-2000. This is the second (and last CD) based around these years (99-00). Wytfang packed a lot more 'beat' into the CD so you definately get your moneis worth.

This is a straight up instrumental project, prefect for Emcee's, DJ's, Shops, bars, clubs ect... So Mr Fang has only pressed 100 copies of this project
Note: this release is being distributed via Filthy Habits only, you wont find this release on any distribution lists.
Wytfang - Beat Suite Version 1.2 (1999-2000) CD [Filthy Habits]Tracklist:
01. Basher 3:25
02. Lethal wepon 4:14
03. Kobayachy 3:12
04. Heaven (Skit) 0:53
05. I Refuse 2:31
06. Lula-buy 2:34
07. Take5wip 4:15
08. Permiate 1:25
09. Murderous nights 4:07
10. Temple (Skit) 1:26
11. Deadly Nightshade 2:58
12. Subtle    2:31
13. Coalchamber (Skit) 0:59
14. Word play 3:01
15. Shoutout (skit) 0:46
16. Wicked     2:50
17. Angie (skit) 1:57
18. Critical Mass 1:52
19. Deep throught     4:31
20. Mother (skit) 0:49
21. Lurvly 2:26
22. Chi 3:28
23. Yards 3:42
24. Xpert 3:37

Dropping next on FH...
Vex 7" (200 copies only) plus future releases from Baby J, k-the-i???, Eibol (Neanderthal Youth), the DDF & more Wytfang instrumentals...

Contact Info:
  • Tel: 07957-64-61-60

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