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Following the release of last years critically acclaimed album ‘Full Circle’, Xzibit performs live at two UK dates in June this year: London’s Astoria and Glasgow’s Barrowland’s on the 14th and 15th June respectively, and in Dublin on 16th June. The MTV Pimp My Ride US presenter and multi-million selling hip-hop artist, is also participating in this years Gumball Rally.

X’s colourful career includes the 1996 debut: ‘At The Speed Of Life’; collaborations with Dr Dre on the phenomenally successful single ‘Losin My Mind’ and a role in Eminen’s smash hit film 8 Mile. He’s also starred in ‘Derailed’ (with Jennifer Anniston and Clive Owen), ‘Gridiron Gang’ (with The Rock), XXX: ‘State Of The Union’ (with Ice Cube) and has even popped up in  ‘CIS: Miami’ to name a few.

On the back of his rapping, MTV ‘Pimp My Ride’ presenting and acting, X has achieved global cult status.

“… the kind of driven hip-hop he’s so talented at.” The Sun
“… Xzibit is the closet thing hip-hop as to crossover folk hero.” The Independent
“…solid, decent hip-hop.” Loaded
“… big impressive noise.” NME
“… lyrically solid.” Hip Hop Connection
“… hip-hop bangers” Nuts
“… a consistently strong album.” Music Week

Live Dates:

  • Thursday 14th June: London, Astoria
  • Friday 15th June: Glasgow, Barrowlands
  • Saturday 16th June: Dublin, Ambassador

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