Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj - Maad Ethics LP
The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so we thought it was time to bring the thought of exotic vegetables back into your life. Yes, it’s time for a Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj update, if you would permit us to be so bold. Oh go on, my socks are wet…

Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj are currently working on their next release, entitled "The Hunger". It’s a 5 track EP and will feature guest appearances from legendary rapper HKB FiNN, the flexistential Last Mango In Paris, the gorgeous U’Mau and and the Magical Anjali, as well as DJ Disscuss. All the tracks have violins on them played by Dr Jyotsna Srikanth (www.violinjyotsna.com). The instrumentals are wicked. It’s hard trying to put vocals to them cos, well… errr… Yam Boy says that he is not that good. Nah, it’ll be good. It should be dropping in November/December, alongside the relaunch of the www.yamboy.net website.

Also, Last Mango and the Yam Boy are working on tracks. Expect to hear them soon. They say they’ve got enough ideas for an EP and that will be released extremely soon (i.e. before the end of the year). If you’ve seen them live this summer, you know what to expect. Some militance, some Asian-ness, some comedy and some silly dance routines… all over banging beats. It’s on a completely different vibe to the stuff with Goonda-Raj, but is some nice stuff never the less…

Apart from these few things, the Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj  are keeping quiet over the next few months whilst "The Hunger" is finished up. There will be a few gigs here and there, but they are hoping to do bigger tings with the new band line-up including Tabl-Anjali and Matt Milton from December onwards. In the meantime, it’s quiet time for the Yam. They want the next release to really be as special as possible special so all their efforts are going into it.

That is all the news on the gig front. The album "Maad Ethics" is still available from www.movemusics.com and www.brasianbeats.com. The Yam Boy and Goonda-Raj had some excellent press this summer, from Metro, Evening Standard, Eastern Eye, Asiana and Hip Hop Connection, amongst others. They performed at a whole heap of festivals, including Glastonbury, The Big Chill, London Mela and Rise, and they sold a bunch of album copies and they’re still going strong.

Two online interviews to check:

Also, be sure to check the current edition of Asiana magazine. There’s a piece in there saying that Yam is 1/8 of the perfect man… or something. "Maad Ethics" LP available to buy now…


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