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Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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The Mindset of a Champion The Mindset of a Champion
  • DeMarcus Cousins takes *care* of his kids
    Through devotion, blessed are the children Basketball player DeMarcus Cousins threatened to shoot his baby's mother in the head if she didn't let his son attend his wedding, allegedly, and of course this is being framed as him being violent...

  • Dancer from Missy Elliott video still sexy
    She's done this before... One of the risks of not watching the VMAs is that you might miss a female performer doing some sort of slutty dance. Miley Cyrus, for example, was twerking on Robin Thicke back in 2013. Madonna...

  • Model Adut Akech treated like animal
    Fuck you, Eddie! Australian magazine Who is under fire tonight for running a picture of the wrong African chick alongside an interview with model Adut Akech. According to incensed teh ghey guys on Twitter, there was no excuse for this....

  • White supremacists now taunting black people with Jay-Z songs
    Jigga my nigga A reminder: The new paid version of my email newsletter Life in a Shanty Town launches on 9/3. I'm dropping two issues per week, including a subscribers-only issue that goes out on Tuesday afternoons. It's only $5...

  • Billie Eilish triumphs over Lil Nas X, kicking off Straight Guy Fall
    My mind is telling me no... Note: If you read Life in a Shanty Town, you'd know that Billie Eilish was poised to overtake Lil Nas X, and that she's built like a brick shithouse. I'm launching a new paid...

  • Popeye's really does have the best chicken sandwich
    They had me at chicken, admittedly I guess Popeye's new chicken sandwich is now available nationwide. We've had it here in the STL for upwards of six months. We get a lot of fast food menu items early here, because...

  • Jeffrey Epstein, 1953-2019
    RIP to a real one There was a glorious moment the other day, after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead, supposedly by suicide, when the entire trending topics on Twitter was filled with things like #ClintonBodyCount,...

  • Advisory: CACs is wildin'
    Swipe left, swipe left, nullus I'm sure you've all seen the news: This past weekend, a video game nazi shot up a Walmart in El Paso, TX, and then later that evening, another one shot up a bar in Dayton,...

  • Lil Bow Wow hit it first
    Admittedly, I'm jealous People are giving Lil Bow Wow crap for bragging that he once had sex with Ciara, but he's got a lot to be proud of, including the following. 1) LiL Bow Wow is still doing shows in...

  • Old white people love 2Pac
    Sometimes the thug-life chooses you And who can blame them? You'd have to be of a certain age to even know who 2Pac is, and older people might not be able to appreciate rappers with more sophisticated flows, because their...

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