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Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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  • Is Ghostface the most productive rapper from New York?
    The recently released Ghostface Killahs album marks the twenty-first officially released album (outside of Wu-Tang group LP’s) from Tony Starks aka Ghostface Killah aka Ironman aka Action Bronson’s Dad. I’m including the Theodore Unit LP, the first Raekwon, Wu-Block and the record with Czarface since Stark’s appears on nearly every track, but I’ve omitted remix […]

  • The Unkut Guide To Steady B Solo Albums
    After realising that I only own one Steady B album (and all of his Pop Art singles), I thought I might revisit his catalogue in order to fill in some gaps in my Philly rap knowledge. Bring The Beat Back Fresh off his run of popular answer records and duets with Shante, the rapper formerly […]

  • Video: Kool Moe Dee interviews A Tribe Called Quest [1990]
    Part 1 Here’s a very youthful and exhausted ATCQ talking to rap legend Kool Moe Dee for the Jive’s Rap Video Hits VHS tape. Apparently the fellas has been forced at gunpoint by the label to attend this session, as they all seem pretty spaced-out and disinterested, making for some amazingly awkward viewing! Are they […]

  • The Unkut Guide To Exploiting Aging Rap Fans
    Here’s the problem – Barry already owns several pressing’s of Illmatic. As a record company marketer – how can we convince Barry to pony up for yet another copy of Nas’ debut? The common answer is one of three options – a 7″ box set, a cassette tape, or some kind of limited edition coloured […]

  • The Face magazine: New York Gangs Article [1990]
    Here’s a classic article from the UK’s The Face magazine in 1990 documenting The Decepticons and the Lo Lifes back in the day.

  • Showbiz x Milano ? Boulevard Author Album Review
    If you recall my 2013 interview with Milano, he mentioned that he was planning on recording a project with the P Brothers titled Boulevard Author: ‘When me and the P Brothers get together it becomes real visionary. I?ve always had the title and I?ve had songs to go, but it never quite met until the […]

  • Video: Him Lo ? Shotgun Robberiez In McDowell?s
    First video from the Prince Akeem Jewelz album, which is the homie Him Lo goin’ for broke over his own beats. Grab the digital or the vinyl and CD from HHV.

  • Crap Review, Great Hat
    New Musical Express was, at one point, my only source of (somewhat) reliable rap news. Sure, most of the time they approached it with a confused British journalistic approach (‘hang about, you can’t call women skeezers AND rap politics…can you?’), but to their credit they let Westwood compile his Future Rap chart every week. Here’s […]

  • Which Cold Chillin? Record Did Newman Grab from The Old Man?
    So the other night I was watching a Seinfeld re-run to grab some more essential fashion tips from CRC style icon George Costanza, and lo and behold – the next thing I see is America’s Greatest Postal Delivery Guy aka Newman bagging up a stack of wax at an old fella’s apartment with a Cold […]

  • Ultramagnetic MC?s ? Who Am I
    This is taken from the The Foundation album, which I believe is a compilation produced entirely by T.R. Love. Always good to hear Ced Gee dropping new rhymes in this day and age.

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