Kenny Cadence - Drunken Thoughts

Kenny Cadence – Drunken Thoughts [Video]

The official music video for the song Defy My Weakness, taken from the EP Karmic Debt 2. Due for release May 21st 2021. Master of personally deep and insightful tracks Kenny Cadence once again lies his inner demons out for everyone to dissect. Aware, Kenny is observant of his mental state and what he has done wrong in the past.

Figarate - Keep On

Figarate – Keep On [Video]

Next up on the 'Village Live and Direct' series is the brand new single 'Keep On', by UK producer Figarate. He's based in the North East of England, hailing from Newcastle. This is a real nice instrumental with a pumping bass, jingle bells hi-hats, periodic vocal wail and mellow sax alongside the sampled 'yeah' and 'Keep On' of the title.

DW Smith - Voyager 3 Beat Tape

DW Smith – Voyager 3 Beat Tape [Audio]

Following from the exploration of the nine realms of Norse mythology though DW entered a new phase, particularly the nine planets, and the solar system they inhabit. Which brings us to Voyager 3 influenced by TV series including Cosmos and The Wonders Of The Solar System, as well as the album Host The Planets.


LANDER – Dues [Video]

We introduce to you the up-and-coming English / Austrian Hip Hop band “LANDER”. LANDER is a 'A spacecraft designed to land on the surface of a planet or moon'. Alex, the vocalist / rapper of this group was born and raised in the UK (Bristol), but moved to Vienna, Austria a few years ago.