Glue - Catch As Catch Can [Fat Beats]

Glue – Catch As Catch Can [Fat Beats]

Members of one of hip-hop's hardest working groups, Glue, have spent their summer readying themselves for another national tour to support their third release, Catch As Catch Can, to be released on Fat Beats Records in September 2006. Consisting of Scribble Jam's only two-time winning emcee Adeem, DJ djdq, and producer Maker, the three members of Glue are no strangers to hard work; they've spent over 400 days on the road over the past 5 years.

Kerfew – Whats The Time? LP [M.I.Music]

Kerfew was born and bred in Leicester and has been learning music since the age of 7 when he started to play the Tabla and Naal. Multi instrumented Kerfew also took up the trumpet and violin. He progress further in the music arena by linking with a pirate radio station where he rose from the ranks from taking calls, to doing the graveyard slot, through to getting on the primetime weekend shows.

Flame - Biography

Flame – Biography

With passion, hard hitting lyrics, and a unique vocal style and presence to match, this versatile 20-year-old phenomenon is destined for success and stardom. Coming from the Buffalo, NY bred duo named Flagrant, Flame, aka Daniel Rouse, is now at the forefront of this movement as a solo MC.