Jalporte from Derby has been putting it around for a while now and making a name for himself around the midlands. He is linked closely with Deprogrammed and has worked with Gnostix, but now his solo career is set to launch and so britishhiphop.co.uk had to catch up with him. Check out what he had to say...

Gouki Productions - Exodus [Video]

Gouki Productions [Audio]

Gouki Productions are from Macclesfeild / Manchester and consists of Chris (MC), Rob (MC), Ben B (MC), Ants (Producer), Jut (Producer) and Matt R (Producer/MC). They have been progressing with their thing since 2002 and are now spreading their proverbial wings.


Patriot – Biography

Patriot was born as Jamie David Oldnall on the 19th of June 1986 in Birmingham, England. From a young age music and theatre became a big part of his life, and from the age of five Jamie started writing songs and gained a great obsession with expressing his emotions through theatrical attributes.

LB - This World [Video]

LB – This World [Video]

LB is a new cat on the block to me. But regardless with bangers like this LB is set to become quite well known soon. This track is on an upbeat jump up vibe and LB has some quick fire flows to go along and this should go a long way to curing some of these winter blues.

DJ Samo

DJ Samo – See You After The Break CD [New Bias]

DJ Samo is a party DJ from Cornwall in the South West, but is originally from Scarborough, who is well known for playing hype live sets. Recently he appears to have hooked up with MC Carpetface, but before that coming out on Aerosolik records DJ Samo has produced a couple of mix CDs which are hot to def. The first one which I peeped was See You After The Break which is 1 hour and a quarter of funky sounds.