J Soze aka Elijah

J Soze aka Elijah Biography

Elijah aka J Soze is a profound rapper with a distinctive unique flow. His rhymes demonstrate the trails and tribulations of his life and the reality of youth poverty and street crime. His passion to voice his opinion is significant as it gives his fans a true insight to who he is and what he is about.


HAK380 from Ecler, available June

Here are the pre release details for the revolutionary HAK380 from Ecler, which will be available June! One of its unique selling points is the SCRATCH CUE. The Scratch Cue is a smart microprocessor driven feature that allows performing with the crossfader in your headphones before doing it live.


Tef-Co – Rumours CD [Black Pearl]

West London’s Tef-Co are an upcoming crew and have their first official single Rumours out now. They come across as a very professional unit and their image is well refined. These guys seem to know what direction they are going in. The CD features three tracks, the first Rumours makes use of production from DJ Gold Fingers and comes in dirty and radio versions.