Dino West

Dino West [Audio]

Bascially, this is to tell you about an up and coming raper called Dino West who is from South Central LA. He appears on the new Master P album 'Ghetto Bill Gates' on the track 'I'm A Gangsta' and is signed to No Limit Records. As ever when we get the chance britishhiphop.co.uk will bring you access to these delights.

Asaviour - So Northern [Video]

Asaviour – So Northern [Video]

Originally coming out with guest appearances on YNR, Asaviour is one heavy duty dude and this debut video from his new Borrowed Ladder LP out now on Low Life Records is right up there with his best work. The intrigueing video features cameo appearances from Braintax and DJ IQ and in an intresting visual twist is entirely made up of a filmed video wall which displayes similar angles of the same shot. Intresting.

Soom T

Soom T Guest Appearances

Soom T guests on one track entitled "Mastaplan" on the Puppetmastaz new album entitled "Creature Shock Radio". Never has Soom felt more at home than when collaborating with a bunch of mildly perverted puppets. Hear the track & buy it now at the Puppetmastaz website & on itunes. Released on German imprint Louisville Records.

Love Music Hate Racism

Leathal Bizzle says don’t vote BNP

Holocaust Survivor, MOBO award winner and Anti-fascists urge people to register to vote to stop the BNP. A coalition of Black, Jewish, LGBT groups, trade unionists and community leaders is calling on people to register to vote by March 13 as a first step to stopping the BNP getting elected during the Local council elections on May 4th.

Young Money

Young Money a.k.a. Lil’ Peedy

Hey, my name is Young Money and I'm a rapper from the U.K. not a U.K. rapper and I'm coming out of Birmingham with a movement behind me. I'm locally know well respected with connects worldwide from NYC to LA and my newest mixtape Be Cool "Hosted by Tim Westwood" will be coming real soon featuring worldwide artists including: The Bout Dat Warriorz, Dino West (No Limit) & Harry-O (Murder Inc).

Kids In Tracksuits

Kids In Tracksuits – Get Your Kit On 7″ [Dealmaker]

I seem to remember this crew from some Channel 4 competition in which I believe they did quite well. The crew comprises Snigger and Homey from Nottingham, who first decided to get into this music thing around 2002. This is the debut release from these pesky Kids In Tracksuits comes in the format of a 7” Limited Edition vinyl which is called an EP and features just three tracks as an introduction.