Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar – My Machine LP [!K7]

At the heart of this maelstrom exists the one and only Princess Superstar. Having sold her soul to a computer in some Faustian pact, Princess controls all levels of celebrity. She is the only pop star; the only actor; the only weather girl; the only supermodel. Sickeningly, this orgy of self-publicity knows no bounds, her levels of ego are off the scale.

Wise Intelligent

Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers

Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers is set to bless the world once again with what might be his greatest offering to date.

Acclaimed Artist and Hiphop Legend Wise Intelligent has completed his highly anticipated solo album, “Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor”, which will be released by Intelligent Muzik on September 28th, 2005. Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor was produced by The Havknotz! Tony D, OH NO! (MadLib’s younger brother), Ambush, and Traxzilla. This new offering will contain 19 incredible new songs from this Timeless and Legendary MC.