Campsoul MP3s [Audio]

We previously brought you the interview with Joe Louis, Russel Morgan, and Omar Hinds who together make up the Campsoul clique and the guys were so pleased with the response that they submitted a few tracks for you to download and enjoy...

Royalpreisthood - Built To Last LP

Royalpreisthood – Built To Last LP

It’s a long held belief that having a heart for the people are their central focus – particularly for the youth as they are our future and are heavily influenced by today's hip-hop culture, as stated by the multi talented artists The Royalpriesthood, one of many emerging trendsetters in culturally-conscious aware Hip Hop. 

MC Rikta

MC Rikta drops 18 Piges a Peine

MC Rikta, who is 18 years old, originates from the town of Bets. More specifically this rapper is coming out of the Jonquière district.  His musical career began amazingly, he claims, only one year ago, when he was 15! So far he has taken part in various projects such as mix-tapes and compilations etc.

Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. 1 LP [Scenario]

Slum Village – Fantastic Vol. 1 LP [Scenario]

’Volume One’ is the album which first highlighted the immense talent of producer and founding Slum Village member Jay-Dee aka J-Dilla. Ironically, for a project which garnered such huge critical praise within the industry it was never officially released, and became instead one of hip hop's most bootlegged releases ever - 'platinum on the street' as Jay-Dee himself called it in an interview, at the same time thanking those responsible for putting him on the map as a producer.

Kidulthood the movie

Kidulthood the movie

Kidulthood is a mixed bag. Probably the best of its sort so far. Rage having been pissed on from a great height and better than Bullet Boy. This film by Menhaj Huda follows a day in the life of a group of London school kids as they cope with the effects of bullying.

Pounds Sterling

Pounds Sterling drops So Real

His name is Pounds Sterling. He is from South London & has been in the making for the past 8 years. His style is raw, humorous at times & very well articulated. His content draws on his real life experiences & the many challenges he has faced as opposed to making up stories like many of his peers.