1 Da Boy - This That mp3 [Black Grove 401]

YEEEEAAAA! The beat of this track is a something I haven’t actually heard before it sounds a bit strange, but it works. The Southern swag is noticeable from the start and that distinctive Yeaaa! The track in general is pretty good but personally I wasn’t feeling it and it’s pretty short so you don’t get to hear the full extent of 1DaBoy‘s lyrical ability.

The track is OK but it’s not what I was expecting of the man who’s performed all over Houston and other major cities such as, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Texas.

He co-owns two urban clothing stores, being a businessman and successful artist works for some (Jay- Z), but I suggest to 1DaBoy, stick to business and leave the rapping to someone else.

By:  Nikhil Sharma

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