209 + Imam Thug- Karma 360 12

I went all verbose and waxed lyrical about 209’s first releases and this one is no different. After another gap, Leicester’s hardest beat maker returns with a cross-Atlantic hook up. For this release he has teamed up with one of Queensbridge’s finest – Imam Thug.

The T.H.U.G. in Imam Thug’s name stands for Truth, Hunger, Understanding and Growth. He is known for founding the Iron Sheiks in 1997 with Tragedy. Both their second EP Illuminati which featured the killer track True Confessions and their Tony Touch freestyle are still highly regarded.

When on the corner you had better have 360 degree vision to prevent anyone creeping up on you. Imam has that ideal drawl which sounds great as he casually belittles his enemies, bigs up his game and describes his locale. Imam’s credentials are self evident and clearly on display as comes off on the track Karma360.

209 believes in the production ethos of ‘making the most out of the least’ and as such his productions harks back to the late 80’s / early 90’s when technological limitations shaped the sound of Hip Hop. This time round he has summoned up some neck snap business for Imam Thug to get busy over. Karma360 has a raw stripped back sound of timeless piano, drums and moaning vocal sample combination. This is pure fire, taking it back to the really real.

This release is going to be limited to a pressing of five hundred vinyls including QB version, Instrumental, Radio version and the Accapella, which will be available on VRD (Voodoo Rhythm Devil Records) Records in May so make sure you snap one up before they are all gone.

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