A-Tola - Goal / Sound Bwoy CD [Street Dreams Entertainment]

Rising star A-Tola releases his double A-side UK debut Goal b/w Sound Bwoy on 14th May through Street Dreams Entertainment. So what’s the story behind ‘Goal’, the lead track that features a sample from the celebrated football show? A track that’s already received love from Radio 1’s Chris Moyles and been spun by every hip-hop DJ in the country?

‘Well, I’m a huge football fan’, A-Tola states, ‘I wanted to make a tune that captured my love for the sport artistically, as well as bringing the fun of the beat and the memories of watching the show back’.

A-TolaThe track its self is upbeat and light hearted in its approach, but does feel a bit cheesy. A-Tola’s flows are nice and the subject matter maintains the footy theme referencing players and equating Tola’s skills to soccer skills. I seem to remember another Grandstand sampling rap, and beatwise that one may have the edge.

Sound Bwoy is of similarly eloquent constitution, A-Tola says of the track, ‘I’m trying to state that making music feels very natural to me and that it feels like I’m born to do it. Like I say on the track, ‘Music I’m born in it, now kick back and watch a young brudda rule in it’’. This track is slower paced and has a reggae edge to it with its guitar, rumbling bass as lazer effects. The production is lush along with some breath female singing in the chorus and I feel this is the tastier of the two tracks on offer here.

Two contrasting tracks, each with its own relentless energy and charm, showing A-Tola’s versatility, and devotion to creating music with style and substance. Make sure you stop by A-Tola’s Myspace where there is videos for both of these tracks.


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