This duo come straight out of Chicago and due to their immense efforts in their locale they have earned the title of Chicago’s hardest working rhyme duo. Abstract Mindstate aka MOD (Misfitz of Dialogue) are a female – Ebony Poetess (The Hellcat) and a male – Ice Gre. They formed in Mississippi back in 99 when they were known as the Stewpot Stowaways.

Back then David Banner and Kamikaze who went on to form Crooked Lettaz and come out on Tommy Boy were also affiliated. Still relatively unheard of Abstract Mindstate have released several 12”s and mixtapes etc. This is a three track release, the first track Nostalgia is a smoothly produced relaxing track with a wall of strings for the backing. Quite light Nostalgia features another of Chicago’s biggest names – Common. Although he makes a small contribution the whole track has a vibe that could well be associated with him. The CD also comes with a long version, the instrumental and accapella.

Nostalgia ft. Common

01. Short (Clean)
02. Extended
03. Instrumental
04. Short Accapella
Missin You
05. Clean
06. Instrumental
07. Accapella
These Raps ft. Special Ed
08. Clean

Missin You is a real soulful affair. A track which on the surface appears to be about attractive attributes in the opposite sex, it is actually a metaphor for loosing interest in Hip Hop and then returning to love the genre when you hear a dope tune. Full of sentiment the track is well produced incorporating all sorts of elements like singing, guitar, piano and a few horns in a  seamless arrangement which could quite easily not have sounded so fresh.

The final track is labelled as a bonus and features a guest appearance from classic MC Special Ed. These Raps has much heavier production, the drums are up in the mix and the guitar licks and ohhs are more obviously chopped samples. Ed has lost none of his skill and vocally levitates on the track with ease.

Intelligent lyrics and classic sounding productions. Nothing really new here, but when all elements are combined in such a accomplished manner it is hard to find faults.

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