Aky - Still Feeling You ft. Emmy 12

The first Single release from British Asian artist Aky (feat Emy) “Still Feeling You” is destined to take the music scene by storm. A hot summer single with its catchy hook line and infectious lyrics is sure to pull a chord amongst music fans everywhere.

The sound is a mix of genres due to the diverse background of the artist and his musical influences. Fitting into the Hip hop/R&B/Grime section better than anything else.

AkyThe songs release is to coincide with a series of summer performances by the pair at clubs and gigs across the country. With both artists also currently working on their forthcoming separate solo works. The music video for the single will also be released to coincide with the release of the single and will be in rotation on all major urban music channels. The artist’s song writing abilities are showcased in this release also as the entire song was co-written by the pair of them. Bringing a more glamorous side to the U.K. Hip Hop/Grime scene they hope to bring a new and individual look to the scene, something AKY feels is missing.

“On a personal note I’m definitely bringing something different to the music scene, from my clothes style, my lyrical content to the message that I am putting across. I am definitely gong in a more mainstream direction than others are in the scene at the moment.”

The first in a series of releases by both artists, this summer single should launch the careers of both artists whose names I am sure you will be hearing a lot more of in the near future. AKY will also be presenting his own Urban Music show on RAJ TV interviewing a whole range of urban music stars from the U.K. and abroad, which will have just started its first series by the time of release.

”Still Feeling You” single produced by the highly talented Big B and J wills of RPM entertainment is set to release on the 1st of July.

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