Alex Blood - You Gotta Go 12" [White]

Over Baby J's new signature stripped back live instrumentation sound (which is getting better) Alex Blood does a sing song rap making light of a bad situation that most of us can probably relate to in some way. It's a funky but simple track that requires no effort on the listeners part.

'You Gotta Go' is the first single of Alex's forthcoming album which as yet seems to be titleless. The single will be released in May.

On the Alex Blood website you can also get your hands on free downloads of 'Little Dean', 'Goin' Mad' and 'Beats and Feats', the latter being a selection of tracks rather like a mixtape that features Kof, Rukus, Yogi, Fallacy, Ty and Genesis Elijah.

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Alex Blood - You Gotta Go 12" [White]

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