Micall Parknsun

YNR's good year continues and they've chosen to kick of Q3 with the release of Micall Parknsun's M-Phazes produced All 4 Hip Hop. For all the good old fashioned rap fans out there, this one's for you. Lively and triumphant soul with horn harmonies backs Parky's bold lyricism as he pledges his allegiance to and declares his love for Hip Hop.

Jehst switches things up somewhat on the remix with his version having a menacing edge to it.

Still Here is the B-side and whilst Apa-Tight retains the triumph, things err on the electronic side of sound as the drums bang – the electric guitar sound is a bit dodgy but I can't complain, track is a beast! Chemo's uber-percussive version of Still Here is ridiculous, sounding nothing like the original it's something different for Hip Hop.

This single is the perfect package; 2 tracks, 2 remixes and all from some of the best doing it right now. If there's one single you buy this year, make it this one! All 4 Hip Hop is out on 6th July on YNR recordings.

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Micall Parknsun

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