Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game - Truth & Soul Remix CD [Island Records]

Say what you will about her, Amy Winehouse's newest single, "Love Is a Losing Game" is one of those classics that will be copied for years to come. To mix things up a bit, Truth & Soul Records has created a remix of the song that effortlessly blends Winehouse's distinct vocals with a super smooth accompaniment that includes a far more driving beat than the original.

The remix starts off with a string tremolo that takes the listener back to a 1940's jazz club and quickly morphs into a futuristic vibe through the use of a funky reverb-filled counter melody that continues throughout most of the song. Some of the most beautiful moments in the song occur when the accompaniment unexpectedly drops out and the listener is left alone with only a single repeated bass note and Winehouse's shining vocals.

In describing the new version of the song, the label co-founders / producers / musicians Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman say that, "The end result turned into a mix up of Timmy Thomas soul meets Lee Perry, and of course, Winehouse’s future soul vocal stylings". Truth & Soul's remix is included on last year's December 11th release of the original "Love Is A Losing Game" CD single along with two other versions – the Kardinal Beats Remix and the Moody Boyz Original Ruffian Badboy Remix on Island Records.

Truth & Soul

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