Baby J ft Alex Blood - Wake Up MP3 [Abstract Urban]

Wake Up is the latest release from the UK producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the game. This time he returns with fellow midlander Alex Blood. The track, surprisingly for its subject matter is rather upbeat and jolly. The beat reminds me of Redman's Smash Somthin' a bit, but different of course with the main refrain played on a tightly strung guitar or mandolin.

For some reason I have the wrong initial perception of Alex Blood as everything I have heard him do I have liked, but somehow I expect less. On this he uses his easygoing style and different vocal inflections to dictate a scene he is confronted with one morning. Having been out the previous night, he has woken up late and needs a caffeine inection to get going. I like him on this too.

The track has already enjoyed airplay on Annie Mac’s Mash Up on BBC Radio 1 and Friction’s BBC Asian Network show. The Remix features JK2 & Wariko making this one hell of a record to contend with. The replacement MCs take a different approach stating that they never sleeps as they is on the grind all the time, so they are already woken up!

Track List:

01. Wake Up (Radio)
02. Wake Up ft. JK2 & Wariko (Remix)
03. Wake Up (Instrumental)

Baby J

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