Baby J - Presents Holla / None Of Them 12

This is a short but sweet release from Baby J, done as a taster for his album “Baby J Presents… F.T.P”, featuring soulful singer Mpho Skeef and Mr Top Shotta himself Skinnyman. To be honest, although Baby J is obviously talented and his production skills second to none, I feel that this is one of his weaker releases as it seems that this single is attempting to please the commercial crowd.

01. Holla (Mpho Skeef ft. Yogi) – Vocal
02. Holla (Mpho Skeef ft. Yogi) – Instrumental
03. None Of Them (Skinnyman ft. Laurissa) – Vocal
04. None Of Them (Skinnyman ft. Laurissa) – Instrumental

The first track “Holla” has Mpho singing over a simple reworking of Martha and the Vandellas “Heatwave” and doesn’t really change up too much as the track progresses. “None Of Them”, Skinnyman’s track on the flipside follows the same path too; although featuring a nice rolling piano break on a slow, headnodding beat, after a while and without much in the way variation it peters out and blends tamely into the instrumental. One plus is that Skinny’s track does show his versatility, in that not only can he spit on the hardest of beats, he can flow on the softest of the soft.

Unfortunately, I think that Baby J has not stretched himself on this one and instead of having a top quality single showcasing his production talent, what we have here is an above average release which could have been so much better.

By: SystemATA

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