Bard Picasso - Divide and Honker (Cypher)

In 1938, Orson Welles’ hoax petrified the nation when it went live on The Colombia Broadcasting System announcing that Earth was under a Martian invasion. 84 years later, we have a Record label based in Cardiff, splattering Welles-esque broadcasts about an invasion of rapping geese! Yes, you read that right, geese!

Bard Picasso Records, a UK hip hop label based in Wales have been making serious noise since laying their foundations in October 2020, cementing themselves as the label to watch. With over thirty artists on board including producers and DJ’s from all over the country, its ridiculously hard to ignore this ever expanding, illustrious record label.

Divide and Honker kick starts with a news reader, portrayed by Surrey rapper, ‘K-Saulz‘, urging people to stay inside and lock their doors due to reports of the nation being taken over by this group of artists. The beat kicks into New Orleans style jazzy boom bap and thus starts a series of flows and wordplay from eighteen different artists, fully produced by Bard Picasso maestro Mr Substance who’s notoriety is rapidly growing in the UK Hip Hop scene.

The levels set from this label are unmatched. With releases being dispensed as regular as clockwork with quality to match the unrivalled work rate, it’s exciting to have a new, upcoming UK Hip Hop label on the scene.

Divide and Honker releases Friday 13th May on all streaming platforms.

Report any suspicious geese activity to Bard Picasso.

Words by: Bill Shakesbeard


Bard Picasso

Artists on track: Mr. Substance (Producer), Blue City CDF, Billy Phono, In10sive, K-Saulz, O Davies, Joe Blow, The Honest Poet, Rollo, Brighty, Wolfgang Von Vanderghast, DW Smith, UnityJake The Ripper, CrazeTheJack, 7Breaths, Dick Dastardly, Oort Kuiper, Mighty Mouse

Bard Picasso - Divide and Honker (Cypher)

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