Big Brovaz - Big Bro Thang CD [Genetic Records]

Big Brovaz have already won two MOBO awards, A Smash Hits Award and a Capital Radio award, as well as numerous other awards for their debut with their platinum-selling debut album, ‘Nu-Flow’. Big Brovaz now returns to continue their UK legacy. 

The new single Big Bro Thang is Produced by Method Man’s studio mentor ‘Deekay’ and sounds clinically well produced. His Radio Mix features a big thumping sound full of strings and a tinkling piano. The big bass line and vibrant hook are all that you would expect from the Big Brovaz. In previous releases they had developed their own flows, which have even been copied by the Halifax Bank advert! Here the male MCs deliver minimal shouts and a short but well delivered verse. Whilst I think that J-Rock and Randy are underused, it is the females – Nadia and Cherise who shine on this displaying their incredible vocal range. As you would expect from the group the overall sound is very accessible and extremely pop-centric and as such should do well for them when it comes out.

Big Brovaz - Big Bro Thang CD [Genetic Records]I haven’t heard the other mixes, but the release will feature a number of remixes in different genre styles to cover all bases. The remix package is slated to deliver some great re-workings of this lead single judging by the names of the producers involved in this. There is a remix from leading house producers the Soul Seekers giving us an up tempo smash for the clubs, while the bass heavy grime like mix from the UK’s own DaVinChe gets your head nodding to the thumping base lines and classic string lines. The Will Simms remix provides a soulful club mix which could also work well for radio and comes with an edit. While the DC Joseph mix with its stripped down production bring elements of the drum line sound to life for the clubs.

That should be enough different versions to keep everyone happy. The traditional Pop Hip Hop & R&B sound that Big Brovaz have pioneered over here in the UK combined with their ability to capture underground elements and incorporate them both together into a commercially acceptable offering is what has given the group success in the past and here they do not stray for from that formula.

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