Big Cakes prod. Geo - Its All Luv EP [Indie]

The lyrical content on Big Cakes‘ forthcoming ep titled ‘Its All Luv‘ produced by Geo, can best be described as one that deals with Real issues. Door Key, Use My Brain, The Realness, Nothing But Love, The Whole 9 and not forgetting Black Jesus. (That last one is realness in all its glory)!

…If like myself you’re tired of these fake ass wanna be rappers who have nothing better to say than, look how hot my bitch is or bitches be on this etc, etc, etc… yawn, yawn, yawn! Then get ya Big Cakes music. Real issues and positive messages throughout.

Its not just the lyrical content that is worth your money on this E.P the production is crazy good, Geo manages to capture the emotion of the lyrics within the music. For those who like to be in the know… Dont Sleep!

By: Stacey

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