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Monday, 14 October 2019
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Big Shorty Route 40 - Bmore Careful mp3 [Muze Music Group]
User Rating: / 6
Written by Nikhil Sharma   
Wednesday, 04 February 2009
Big Shorty Route 40 - Bmore Careful mp3 [Muze Music Group]Firstly let me say that the beat sounds pretty good but the rhyming sounds a bit juvenile. The track is a bit short so it doesn't allow you to see where this guy's talent is especially and if the track would've (if it was longer) progressed in him diversifying his style who knows? I want to hear more stuff by him to see if he becomes more versatile with future tracks and if his style get's better.

The last bit of the track gets the hook and someone on the phone saying something then the hook coming in with, "Be more careful" with no beat or anything which can sound good if you do it once or twice but for the amount of time this went on for, it really wasn't good.

The track in itself just sounds like a track off one of those mixtapes that you find being sold on the corner, but it doesn't sound good and some of it doesn't even make sense! It's not good the only good thing is the violin in the track and the beat which is just OK. It just doesn't seem to flow and he says, "You can't afford me". I think I'd be balt to afford the rhyming style its just not good, I don't like ripping into an artist's career but if they bring out stuff like this then I have no choice but to.

Track's garbage.

By: Nikhil Sharma |

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