Black Attack - Black Man / Butta Verses Jones In Ya Bones CD [Audio Clutch]

Veteran MC’s Black Attack and Butta Verses have just release their new respective singles on a single 12" each taking a side each. Black Attack’s single, "Black Man", is a hypnotic song that takes the listener on a journey through Black’s world as a veteran rapper. Many people will have the tale of label set backs, but it is unusual for someone with Black Attack’s skills to still be struggling to get his work out there some twelve years later.

The song, which was produced by V.I.C. (Nas, Big Pun, Kool G Rap, Rakim), utilises a great little keyboard loop with some big horn chords has a great mood. Black attack manages to not sound as this scenario has got him down as he still maintans the faith he always had in his abilities and with the catchy chorus it is no surprise that this track has been burning up the underground charts and has already sold 3,000 ringtones with little promotion.
Black Attack - Black Man / Butta Verses Jones In Ya Bones CD [Audio Clutch]Butta Verses’ single, which is entitled, "Jones In Ya Bones" is a soulful ditty about wanting the finer things in life, whether they be women, cuisine, fashion, etc. Butta explains, "I’m just a regular dude and I rhyme about everyday life. My audience can relate to me on every level. Maybe one day I’ll have the hot cars and I’ll rhyme about that". The song features Lucien and is produced by Marco Polo (Masta Ace, Boot Camp Clik and Sadat X).

A big wobbly bass line and a synth ‘wah wah’ every two bars form the backing for this easy going soulful groove. With the chorus adding to this with a mellow sung few bars which would not be out of place one a r’n’b track. This infectious track has a smooth and effortless groove, which is bound to have everybody on the dance floor.
This split single "Black Man" and "Jones In Ya Bones" has to be commended to all Hip Hop fans and is available now via all the normal digital downloads sites and at your local record store on wax.  

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