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We at are really excited about an upcoming album by an artist you may not know about yet but should. He is a producer and an emcee – his name is Black Milk. He’s been buzzing about on the underground for a minute now. In fact, you may actually know about him already – If you’re like me, you like to dork out when you get a new album by rushing to read the liner notes. And if you own a recent Slum Village album, then you know about Black.
Following the creative vacuum left by the passing of J Dilla and Proof, the Motor City has been awaiting a new champion of the city’s vibrant hip-hop scene. Popular Demand is Black Milk’s statement that proves why Detroit is a relevant and vital voice in hip-hop culture. He entered the hip-hop game as a producer, selling his first beats for a Slum Village mixtape. Black Milk’s most recent production credits include tracks for Canibus, Lloyd Banks, and the recently leaked single titled, "Let’s Go" from Pharoahe Monch’s upcoming album. He will also be producing tracks for upcoming albums by Phat Kat & Bishop Lamont (Aftermath) and also the bulk of the much-buzzed about Sean Price / Guilty Simpson album.

Black Milk - Sound The Alarm / So Gone 12Milk first revealed his prowess as an emcee as part of the duo BR Gunna in 2004. In 2005 Black Milk released his debut solo album, Sound of the City, which established him as a legitimate emcee as well as a brilliantly talented producer. Says Black, "I’m the best of the best on the producing side but I want people to forget that I’m a producer when I’m rhyming". That’s one tall order – Black Milk’s production compliments his lyrics perfectly; it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Popular Demand’s lead single "Sound the Alarm" (featuring Guilty Simpson) is an early contender for Single of the Year. Raw, incisive, and enthralling, you will find yourself hitting "repeat" and sending it to friends. See for yourself: he’s got Billboard talking him up and XXL and URB vouching for him. He has that classic sound that whilst being hard core and severely headbanging he can also bring clarity and a listenable quality. Not many people can come up with this multifaceted sound.

So  Gone has an easier going sound puntuated by pianos and a well placed evokative female vocal sample. Remiscent of Common’s best periods this artist has all the qualities to make it. He is doing well so far as all I have heard by him is severly addictive. Be ready for Popular Demand, his highly anticipated sophomore album when it drops on March 13th on Fat Beats. The future of Detroit hip-hop starts now.


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