Having been involved in the Bridge Wars, Blaq Poet must be pushing mid-forties by now; which in rap years makes him practically antiquated. But while most rappers would hang up the mic and break out the water colours, Poet won’t be copping that pension loot just yet.

Instead he’s teamed up with mainstay collaborator DJ Premier for this exercise in uncompromising heat. ‘Don’t Give a Fucc’ has to be the sickest shit out right now. Rolling drama horns and double time hi-hats bring a refreshing twist to the magic formula while Poet clearly hasn’t mellowed with age; gunning for everything except radio play. Classic!

Unfortunately, ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ falls a tad flat and I found ‘Too Strong’ to be quite strong but not as strong as stronger material from the forthcoming LP; which looks set to be very strong indeed! Still an essential purchase, but don’t play it to your girlfriend. She won’t like it.

By: Max Weldon

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