Blemish - Incognito CD [Breakproof]

Eclectic British MC Blemish presents his fresh new mix tape INCOGNITO. Already well known on the U.K. hip-hop scene Blemish has built up a strong reputation and loyal fan-base over the last decade.

Blemish continues to impress with his creativity and consciousness with thought provoking lyrics about contemporary life and issues- reflected on the track Peck’narm.

This mix tape hits you with razor-sharp hooks, killer bass-lines and uses metaphoric wordplay, giving us an insight into the thoughtful mind of the man himself. You can expect a more adventurous sound and see Blemish rhyming over different and unexpected beats showcases his hip-hop roots with a fresh twist. The production is tight which exhibits the fact that UK hip-hop is finally finding its roots.

Blemish’s solo escapades have launched a string of collaborations throughout the U.K hip-hop scene most recently with the Adulthood score banger Tell Em and recent collaborations with Mr Midas, The Elementz, Sas Killa who are all featured on the mix.

Check out the lyrical genius’ myspace page: find out where to get your copy of Incognito – out now.


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