Blue City CDF and Pitch 92 ft. Upfront - Enough About Living

Cardiff based duo, ‘Blue City CDF‘ have been a stone wall in Welsh and British Hip Hop since forming in late 2019, boasting a list of collaborations most people would give their right arm for. Continuing on from the ‘Pitch 92‘ produced album “Paper Planes” comes single number two, “Enough About Living” featuring decorated UK rapper ‘Upfront‘ from the incredible, legendary Bristol collective ‘Split Prophets‘ which depicts a day in the life of all three MC’s.

I don’t know much about making a living, but I do know enough about living” is the first bars of the tracks chorus, explaining that making money is at the back of the mind, whilst living life is always at the front. All three verses expertly tell the story of each rapper’s 24 hours. “Bed around 3, now I gotta mind the baby“, relatable to artists with kids! “All I really need is some peace, not a piece of the pie” give me a serene setting over making a mint! “Trying to switch it up because the blazing consumes P’s” remove the smoke and get busy!

The insight into the lives of creatives described in the single is beautifully crafted once again over the unbelievable production of ‘Pitch 92’. Chilled vibes. Banging drum loops and flows to kick start your day!

‘Blue City CDF’ once again knit their cohesive styles together for “Enough About Living” from ever growing UK Hip Hop label ‘Bard Picasso‘, streaming everywhere from Friday 28th April!

Words: Bill Shakesbeard

Blue City CDF


Pitch 92

Bard Picasso

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